Tuesday, February 12, 2019

1 John Chapter 1

1 John 1 chapter study.

So excited to walk thru this book with you guys!

Here's the video for this week.


1 John 1 The Passion Translation (TPT)

We saw him with our very own eyes.

    We gazed upon him and heard him speak.
    Our hands actually touched him,
    the one who was from the beginning,
    the Living Expression of God.
This Life-Giver was made visible
    and we have seen him.
    We testify to this truth:
    the eternal Life-Giver
    lived face-to-face with the Father
    and has now dawned upon us.
So we proclaim to you
    what we have seen and heard
    about this Life-Giver
    so that we may share and enjoy
    this life together.
    For truly our fellowship is with the Father
    and with his Son, Jesus, the Anointed One.
We are writing these things to you because we want to release to you our fullness of joy.
This is the life-giving message we heard him share and it’s still ringing in our ears. We now repeat his words to you: God is pure light. You will never find even a trace of darkness in him.
If we claim that we share life with him, but keep walking in the realm of darkness, we’re fooling ourselves and not living the truth. But if we keep living in the pure light that surrounds him, we share unbroken fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, continually cleanses us from all sin.
If we boast that we have no sin, we’re only fooling ourselves and are strangers to the truth. But if we freely admit our sins when his light uncovers them, he will be faithful to forgive us every time. God is just to forgive us our sins because of Christ, and he will continue to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
10 If we claim that we’re not guilty of sin when God uncovers it with his light, we make him a liar and his word is not in us.

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