Friday, February 1, 2019

The Poetry of God - A Study Through The Book Of 1 John

Let's face it - We all want to feel whole. The world around us has a way of beating us down and striping us of who we actually are. Wholeness sometimes feels like a pipe dream. But here's the thing: The Father has nothing but wholeness of life for you - REAL LIFE.

Over the next few weeks we are gonna take a look at the book of 1 John. It's a small book and won't take a long time to read, but there is some really good stuff packed in these 5 chapters. So here is how this is gonna work. We are going to read 1 chapter a week. That's 5 weeks in the book. At the beginning of the week I will post a Facebook live video giving a few talking points and background into the passage. Then I will have a few questions for you to consider while you dig in. There will also be a  challenge to spend 15 minutes reflecting on what you read and spend time in the presence of the Father. Trust me, He has a ton to say, you just need to shut down everything around you and talk to Him (the fancy word for that is called prayer). I will be posting a Spotify playlist that might help focus our hearts as we read and practice spending time in His presence. If this goes well we can even plan a meet up at Stoked Coffee and talk further and answer any questions we might have as we walk through this together.

Are you down for this? Can you commit to reading the book of 1 John with us?
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